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On behalf of the faith community at Saint Peter Missionary Baptist Church of Sneads, Inc. I will say that the professionalism, vision, expertise, and character that Brother Guy Tatum and his team showed us is the best. The team carefully embraced the vision and worked to bring it to past to leave a legacy for the generations to come. Brother Tatum was honest and cared about us just he would care for his own family. The team was professional and always attentive even to the most intricate details involved in the design and building phases. The workmanship and unique qualities of the building leave us in awe of the mighty power of God. From my place as Pastor and Teacher, I say job well done. I would recommend him and his team to anyone.

Adrian A.

Tatum & Associates Inc. has been nothing less than a blessing to St. Peter MBC in Sneads, FL. They basically gutted It out and added on to the church so much so it doesn't look anything like before. It is simply beautiful. Mr. Guy Tatum is a honest, patient, and Godly man and I would recommend him and his dedicated and talented team any day of the week.

Shaynce A.